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Business Account Agreement

Dividends begin to be accrued on the business day you deposit cash or scriptural items into your account if you are deposited before the activity closes. We bill the balance of our share accounts and share certificates to determine the dividends that will be paid to you using the daily daily daily asset method, which applies a daily periodic rate on your account balance. We may also provide account funds in the event of a dispute and you agree to pay our legal fees and other expenses related to a person-to-person act or other negative claim. We are not liable for the damages you will suffer if we try to engage in good faith and a court denies our efforts. We can send statements and communications to any party on an account by sending or sending a message to the last address we registered for the account. Notification to an account holder or authorized representative is considered a notification to all account holders. Dividends are remunerated and credited quarterly for premium-savings accounts and share certificates with maturities of more than 91 days (91 days, share certificates are remunerated and credited at maturity). Money market dividends are remunerated and credited monthly. You must open and manage a Prime Savings account to avoid closing that account and subsequent accounts. All bank/debit cards are non-transferable and are part of the Credit Union.

The Credit Union may cancel, modify and restrict the use of a bank transfer card after a duly announced announcement or without notice if your account is debited or if it is necessary to maintain or restore the security of accounts on the ATM system. We may also enter into agreements with other companies to provide support or services for one or more of our products, such as mail order companies. B that help provide statements or other promotional materials. In certain circumstances, we may also enter into joint marketing agreements with other financial service providers such as mortgages, securities dealers and insurance companies. Before establishing relationships with these companies, we ask them to commit to protecting the information provided by our members and to complying with all applicable data protection laws. We are not responsible for any consequential damage or incidents resulting from the unauthorized use of your card. Please note that your debit card and business automation transactions are not subject to a federal electronic money transfer law (E regulation) that complies with consumer protection. You agree that we are not obligated to verify that the name and account number displayed in the draft application are consistent. If the information relating to a draft requirement is incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect, you agree that we may, at our sole discretion, either pay the draft requirement and incriminate your account for the signed item, or refuse to comply with the draft requirement and, without notice, return the item without pay. The person who signs the contract as a custodian holds the funds in favour of the public unit. We need the documentation of your authority to act on behalf of the public body. You allow us to check your account, balance and employment and obtain a third-party credit report, including credit services, to verify your authorization for the accounts and services you request.

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