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Private School Enrollment Agreement

The possible applicability of the law of truth to a school`s registration contract is often overlooked. If a school calculates a funding fee or authorizes a study payment plan of five or more payments, the school must provide parents with disclosure of the law of truth at the time of the conclusion of the registration contract. It is important to review your school`s contract to determine if such disclosure is necessary. Clear language on the school`s ability to impose a financial obligation in the event of a student`s resignation or dismissal before the contract expires is an essential element of the registration contract. On this point, some courts have even been involved in the discussion and have set other parameters as to when the court will impose (and will not respect) the obligation for a parent to pay tuition fees after cancellation or withdrawal. Schools should carefully develop these provisions in order to comply with state law, but they should also clearly and unambiguously describe the circumstances in which they repay the down payment, reimburse tuition fees paid and/or consider waiving the obligation to study. The registration contract should also include your school`s Portrait of the Graduate. The Portrait of the Graduate captures the core values your school wants to convey to each student. As a general rule, a registration contract for a school year should clearly define the start and end date of the contract, which corresponds to the school year and the student`s grade level. However, some schools have considered moving to a perpetual (or always green) enrolment contract that allows students to be automatically re-encerated for the next school year, unless their parents share their decision not to return to school. While the benefits of an indeterminate contract can be attractive and even help schools engage and plan students for the coming year, these contracts should be carefully developed to avoid potential pitfalls. For example, you should consider the following circumstances: families who wish to retire after the announcement of the annual education reflect changes in school policy from year to year and terminate a schooling contract for a family that may not be invited back. Your registration contract should start by clearly defining what makes your school unique.

This can be recorded by your school`s mission. For this reason, we recommend not using a generic model of a registration contract or a copy of a colleague at another school. Another person`s content does not accurately reflect what your school is offering. Don`t forget to always include the year of registration and the level of grades the student will enter.

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