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Tax Information Exchange Agreement Pib

Personal data is used to manage the OF and determine the authorization. Personal information is also used to monitor the effectiveness of the OF through evaluation and accountability activities. Personal data is collected in accordance with Part II of the Labour Insurance Act. The OF is provided under the supervision of Section 7 of the Department of Employment and Social Development Act. The Social Security number is collected in accordance with the Disability Opportunity Fund and is intended to determine whether the person is either an active applicant or a former applicant under section 63 of the Labour Insurance Act (which is eligible for employment or similar provincial/territorial programs). Some information may be used or disclosed for implementation and reporting (i.e., statistical reports on the number of self-employed workers who register or decide to oppose them). Personal data can be accessed and used to prevent and detect fraud or to conduct investigations. The information can be shared with the Royal Canadian Employment Insurance Police for the investigation into alleged labour insurance fraud. This information is described in the institute`s specific CASE Case Records (RCMP PPU 005). It can also be shared internally. This information is described in the SPECIAL ENSINS OF EMPLOI ASSURANCE PROGRAM (ESDC PPU 171). Clients who participated in the programs and individuals and legal parties as part of an agreement to assist in the implementation of the programs.

If the contribution agreement has received significant media coverage or if ministerial intervention is required, the information is retained six years after the end of the agreement and then forwarded in the form of archival material to Library and Archives Canada. Procedures, directives, short-term disability plans, contracts, contracts, reports, procedures, legislation and regulations, application forms, memorandums, minutes, claim documents and correspondence. The information can be used to promote programs such as success stories, including photos and/or videos. Information can also be shared with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada for the management of the Delivery Enhanced Service program.

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