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Vector Marketing Independent Contractor Agreement

Vector Marketing`s remuneration policy has also been criticized. Vector Marketing previously required commercial agents to pay a refundable deposit to obtain a number of knives to protest. However, practices have changed and representatives are no longer required to pay a bond. Salespeople are loaned with knives and some are awarded as prizes for their “Fast Start” sales success. [13] [14] [16] Students working for vector marketing are independent contractors and do not receive reimbursement for time spent on training. [6] [13] Independent contractors do not collect taxes on their regular wages, so they are responsible for processing their taxes at the end of the year. Vector Marketing is a multi-tiered marketing subsidiary and national distribution arm of Cutco Corporation, a cutlery manufacturer based in Olean, New York. The company was founded in 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some of Vector`s former independent contractors have accused Vector Marketing of fraudulent business practices.

[13] [14] The company often advertises newspapers and flyers on signs on university campuses, but the ads are often vague, without explaining the type of job. [15] The Times advised caution on potential employees, often young and never employed. The company`s recruitment practices often mask the actual work they do simply by offering a well-paying job, regardless of the fact that the wage structure is based on the sale of knives by commission. [9] The legal finding that, under federal and national law, the legal conclusion that salaried workers are salaried workers or self-employed contractors is a question of whether the parties believe they are creating an employer-worker relationship. In this case, the commercial expressly provides that a commercial agent accepts that he cannot at any time present himself as an employee of [Vector] and that “[t]he accepts that commercial agents conduct their activities on an independent basis.” Matheson Decl. E.g. F (commercial-rep agreement 4). The documents available to interns are consistent.B. Matheson Decl., Ex.C (The Skills for Life brochure) (which states that commercial agents work as independent contractors) and trainees are also informed that they are independent contractors during the three-day training program. See Arlie Decl.

Regardless of the above, the context of the contractual relationship, i.e., Vector has largely signed contracts with young people with little or no commercial experience, and there is no evidence that the effects of independent contractor status have been explained to trainees or salespeople. See Antelope Valley Press, 162 Cal. App. 4th at 854 n. 14 (in recognition of this language of contract showed that “the AVP intended airlines to believe that they had an independent contracting relationship with the AVP,” but indicated that “for ALJ, it was not clear that the airlines fully understood what such a relationship would mean to themselves”); Couriers, 150 Cal.

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