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Limited Edition Russ Kramer Prints

A stretched canvas print; Limited edition canvas prints are the full size of the original

All of Russ’ works are available in signed and numbered, limited-edition museum-quality giclee (gee-CLAY) prints on canvas or paper. Russ brings the original paintings to one of the country’s leading fine art publishing houses, where an extremely high-resolution digital capture is made. The artist oversees proofing and printing to insure absolute fidelity to the original painting in color balance and minute detail. Giclee prints use dyes which are not susceptible to ultraviolet degradation.

Russ adds texture to each print by hand; Artist proof editions come with an original pencil study

Canvas prints are stretched on heavy-duty stretcher bars and are the full dimensions of the original painting. Russ then hand-embellishes the canvas print with a high-gloss gel varnish, which not only protects the artwork but adds texture reminiscent of the original oil. Russ’ Artist Proof Editions (only 5 are made from each painting) come with one of the artist’s original pencil studies, approximately 8″ x 10″. Canvas prints are signed and numbered by the artist and carefully wrapped and packed in a double-wall carton to insure safe arrival.

A Russ Kramer yachting print, matted and framed; title and descriptive text on every paper print; an original sketch in the margin

Paper prints are reduced in image size from the original, usually to 30″ and printed on 100% cotton rag paper. The title and story of the painting are printed below, then signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. Prints on paper also allow the artist to offer “remarques” which are original sketches directly on the print. Each sketch relates to the subject matter of the painting and are all unique. Artist Proofs on paper (edition of 5) have two remarques. Paper prints are loosely rolled and shipped in heavy-wall tubes.

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