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“Great Yachts” Book by Russ Kramer

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Yacht  Paintings

This is an art book of yacht paintings.

72 full-color pages and over 100 images of historic yacht paintings by one of America’s leading marine artists. Russ tells the fascinating stories behind the classic vessels and colorful personalities vividly depicted in his oil paintings. Includes chapters on Russ’ inspirations and his detailed methods in recreating the nation’s yachting history.

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1 review for “Great Yachts” Book by Russ Kramer

  1. Christopher Wolfe

    Russ’s work is fabulous. His research, as discussed in the book is one of the keys to his success. Images studied so well, and scenes prepared with models and perspectives allows the creation of visual masterpieces. Growing up on the tail end of the wooden boat era, sailing the famous staysail schooner Nina and crewing on Honeyfitz, has created a deep appreciation got the ships of old. Russ brings the feel and texture of those days back brilliantly.

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