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Commissioned Works

Yacht, Crew & Family Portraits


Russ would be delighted to speak to you about commissioning a portrait of your yacht or favorite crew. In addition, he offers corporate and executive portraits, family portraits, and live event plein air portraits. To see some examples of Russ’ non-marine commissioned work, go here
You can also watch a short video on the process of developing a commissioned work here
Following is some basic information on commissions.
Russ prefers to work in oils on canvas, but is fluent in watercolor as well. He can render your boat in any setting and weather condition you would like, perhaps commemorating a memorable day at sea, or a favorite cruise or harborage. A skilled portraitist as well, Russ can offer a unique vision of your favorite yachtsman at the helm, sure to be a treasured gift or tribute. Developing a commissioned original is an enjoyable journey for both client and artist, as the client is involved in contributing throughout the process, from the earliest thumbnail sketches to completion.
Essentially, fees are based on the finished image size, calculated a $40/ for oils that require the same amount of research/finish as Russ’ detailed yachting paintings. (More impressionistic technique or simpler scenes may be quoted at a lower rate. Best to contact Russ to discuss your project and allow a more detailed estimate). Minimum size is 8” x 10” (80 sq. in./$3,200) up to 30” x 40” (1,200 sq. in./$48,000) or even larger if you have the desire and the wall space. Prices are based on common practices for researching and developing a complex work; consideration is made for simpler compositions.
Typical sizes for oil on linen:
8” x 10”…………..$3,200.
11” x 14”……..,,..$6,000.
12” x 18”…………$8,600.
16” x 24”……….$15,000.
20” x 30”……….$24,000.
24” x 36”……….$34,500.
A 10% deposit will allow scheduling of your commission on Russ’ calendar. Upon commencement, Russ will begin research / referencing / reviewing photography and produce a detailed ‘master drawing’ and color sketch for approval, at which time 40% of the remaining fee is due. The final balance is due when the finished painting is delivered. Unusual expenses incurred in satisfying your vision, such as necessary travel or professional photography, are not included, and would be determined and agreed upon in advance. Framing can be arranged to your specifications as well, and is not included in the price.
Thank you.

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