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Yacht Paintings
yacht painting

“The Afterguard”

By Russ Kramer
Oil on linen, 42” x 29”

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Charles Francis Adams, grandson of John Quincy Adams and the first amateur skipper to defend the America’s Cup, holds RESOLUTE on a broad reach during the squally homeward leg of the fourth race against SHAMROCK IV , 23 July, 1920. Comprising his highly effective afterguard are (clockwise) professional skipper Chris Christiansen, John Parkenson, Robert Emmons and George A. Cormack.

Russ Kramer writes: “Old photos revealed these great early-century cutters with enormous sail could be wet rides in a blow. So I imagined what it must have been like onboard RESOLUTE in those conditions, the lee rail under and spray covering her decks, while Adams strained to hold her on course — without losing his trademark bucket hat.

This painting is in private collection.


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